Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ingenious New Baby Products That Every Mom Needs

If you think technology is taking off and transforming into crazy new ideas, you should take a look at all the new products they've made for babies and parenting. It's crazy how much things they've invented to make things easier. A lot of the things they've come out with really does help and is useful but personally I think a lot of the stuff they've come out is just for lazy parents. Like do you really need a baby Keurig that mixes the bottles for you? You can't just warm up some water and shake the formula up? There's no need for a $200 machine to do that for you. Anyways, I've made a list of just a select few things that I think were pretty innovative and useful for moms. 

Forehead Thermometer

I think this is great idea. Personally, I don't really want anything shoved up my butt either so I don't blame babies for not enjoying it. Also, getting a reading from under the armpit isn't as accurate as I think this would be. A little expensive for a thermometer but worth it in my opinion.

Moby Wrap

I love this and I already one of course. I think it just looks so much cozier and easier to use than a baby carrier that has straps that dig into you and the baby. I mean, look at that baby. How cute and comfy does he look?

Highchair/Shopping Cart cover

I know this isn't something thats needed but I think its super nice to have. I work in a restaurant so I know how nasty those high stairs can be and I can only imagine what shopping carts go through so to have something that protects your little one from all those nasty germs would be pretty nice to have. Plus this specific one has fun colors and a couple little toys on it to hopefully keep the baby occupied long enough to where you can hopefully get one thing accomplished without a screaming kid. 

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